Monday, December 22, 2014

Snapshots Leading up to Christmas 2014

 For the 8th year in a Row, Mike was "Santa" at the Village at Lowry, where I work.  Having both kids so involved this year made it especially memorable and fun!  Of course, playing the piano was pretty fun too!

 Good times, with no pants on, getting ready for Christmas!  Jak seems to never have pants on when we're at home (or when we're at anyone elses home for that matter!). 
 Our little bitty tree that fit so well in the front window at Meade Street was barely visible in our new large living room!  We're the only family who un-decorated and redecorated a tree on the 21st of December!
 Now, that looks better! Hope the "pre-lit" lights last for 20 years!!!

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