Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mrs. Claus

Lillian got the part of Mrs. Claus...and she stole the show!

 Lillian's friend Ryan, couldn't have been happier to be on stage.  He was an adorable Santa Claus, but he froze when it was his turn to speak!  He didn't sing, didn't speak and didn't even mutter a Ho Ho Ho.  He did however, have an infectious ear to ear grin the whole program!
 Lillian sang the loudest, and nailed her line; "I'm as busy as busy can be"!  She received a huge giggle from the crowd and quite the applause too! 

 She was so proud of herself, or hyped up on adrenaline, that she forgot all about her fear of Santa Claus and hopped right onto his lap after the show!  We missed the photo op, but here she is right after she came down.
Grandma and Grandpa Cooper sent Lillian this adorable Mrs. Claus apron.   Miss Patty said Lillian could wear it over her dress and she looked so authentic!  Miss Amber did Lillian's hair and makeup and made her feel like a big girl.  Lillian sure got a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle this week!

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