Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zoo Trip and Football Viewing with the Bergners

 We met Mia, Zoe and Megi at the zoo today for the last nice fall day.  The weather is supposed to turn drastically tomorrow!
 Lillian loves her new sparkly boots from Aunt Candy! Jak loves the elephant!
 We took a snack break to look at the elephants and bumped into Kara "Hughes" and Vivian.  Kara said "Oh my god, Jak is a mini-Mike!"  And I hear Vivian looks like a mini-Kara.

 There is a big gecko thing sunbathing on the log above, but Lillian has everyone laying on the ground to see if there are any fish in the pond.  There aren't - but that didn't stop them from looking for a solid 5-10 minutes!
 We watched the Bronco game with the Bergners that afternoon.  They sure do have the best toys!

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