Monday, November 3, 2014

A Couple of Ninja's Tried to Get Us!

Oh's just Johnny & Layla with the best ninja costumes I've ever seen!  Lillian was so glad Johnny and Layla came to visit for Halloween to "show her the ropes", but ultimately it was Jak that didn't want to quit trick or treating.  His little pumpkin was packed to the brim but he wouldn't let me hold it (let alone touch it!) and he was really upset when we called it quits!
 October brought so many visitors to the Colorado Kerschen bed and breakfast!  Mike and I loved showing off our new house and neighborhood and hosting all of our guests.  We joked that our guest room sheets were going to be worn out by the end of the month.  My parents came out for a weekend, then traveled south to Durango and Ouray for a couple of days before heading back to Denver to overlap with Mary Kay, Cathy, Johnny and Layla. 
 We merged families and cousins and took a nice hike and picnic lunch through White Ranch Open Space Park.

Casey and Rob hosted the whole crew for brunch at her house one morning and we enjoyed exploring the parks of Stapleton.

 Thank God the weather was so nice while they were here. We really enjoyed the visit and can't wait to get the cousins together again in Michigan for Thanksgiving.
 Our outlaws...Cowboy Jak and Lily Get Your Gun...

They had a hard time saying goodbye...glad it's only 4 weeks til we meet again...

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