Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Momma!

When your birthday falls on a weekend, and it's a beautiful fall day, you HAVE to take advantage of it!  The Colorado Kerschens took a day trip to St. Mary's Glacier.  Mike and I are so proud of our little hikers!  Jak hiked 90% of the way up the glacier, Lillian about 75%!  Passers-by were also impressed.  It was a slow hike - but we are thrilled to see our kids have the Colorado hiking spirit!
 We stopped in Idaho Springs, snuck in a little playground time, and picked up Subway sandwiches.
And threw a few rocks in the river...

 Jak loved the boulders he got to climb as we hiked up the trail.
 It was windy at the top, but we found a great little spot to lay out our picnic blanket in the woods.  Food always tastes better in nature!
This is one happy 37 year old Momma!

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