Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big Boy, Getting Bigger

Jak has grown and grown in the last few weeks.  Finally, we've noticed a huge jump in his vocabulary.  He still doesn't use his words as freely or easily as Lillian but "they're" in there!  Every once in a while, he'll just look at an object and call it by it's name, plain as day.  The other day he points and says "pumpkin".  I had no idea he knew what a pumpkin was, yet he can say it.  He's says 100's of words all the sudden.  Now if only he could start stringing them together into a sentence, or better yet use them to tell me something important like what he wants when he's crying and pointing at god knows what!
Jak's also grown almost a whole inch since his birthday, and the biggest news of all.....he's given up diapers!  Just like his sister, he made the decision himself.  We were at the Alzheimer's Memory Walk in City Park last weekend and Lillian had to "go".  Our only option was a porta-potty so she and I ducked inside.  We could hear him crying and when we stepped out, Jak was pulling at his diaper and saying "self, self".  Self is Jak's version of me, mine or my turn.  He uses that word for almost everything these days!  So, I took Jak in and sure enough...he peed.  After his nap that afternoon, I asked him if he'd like to take his diaper off and go potty.  He got down and grabbed a pair of underwear from his drawer. goes nothing.  Bye bye diapers and hello laundry!  
It's been a few days now and we and Jak's teachers have discovered, the term potty training doesn't refer to training the completely refers to training the adult!  As long as I remember to take Jak to the bathroom every hour or two, we're successful (or if we're at home, letting him hang out naked).  But if you ask Jak if he has to go....9 times out of 10 the answer is no (or "No Way!"), and then a couple of moments later...we have wet pants!  This may take a while...
Jak is in love with any toy that has wheels - but he especially loves matchbox cars!  Everywhere we go Jak has at least 2 cars - one for each hand - and sometimes more!  I feel as though we're leaving them all around town but some how they've multiplied!  I only bought 5 to start, but Jak went a whole day at school this week without an accident so Mike bought him a few more.  My assistant at work found a stash in her basement that used to belong to her son, he "lifted" a couple from our neighbors and Megan said, "just keep them!" and so on and so on.  We now have matchbox cars in every room!
Jak continues to be such a lover.  He especially loves his momma right now and I'm soaking it up!  He gives the best hugs I've ever seen a 2 year old give and the wettest, open-mouth kisses.  When I pick him up from school everyday - he runs to jump in my arms like a wife to her soldier returning home from war.  It's the best feeling...

Jak's picture face..."Smile Jak"!

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