Monday, August 11, 2014

Jak-A-Roo Just Turned Two!

 Jak had a small "family only" 2nd birthday party, with our neighbors the Abotes as a last minute addition!  After experiencing the specific invite list from Lillian at her 3rd birthday - I'm afraid this may be the last "low-key" birthday party we'll have for a while!
 Thanks to Grammie Hanou we had enough costumes to go around for this fun impromptu dress up session. 
 Jak is in love with his new trucks, I didn't know Tonka trucks were considered "Ride-on" toys!  Thanks Grandpa Kerschen and Deni!

 And Grammie Kerschen is a hero for sending this guy a soccer ball and net.  Hours of outdoor fun are coming our way!
The kids had a pretend tea party, with water in their cups and gold fish on their plates.  Lillian insisted they say their prayers before they eat so this is them singing "God Is Great...". 

 I love this picture!  It reminds me of the semi-chaotic but all too realistic family shot at the end of the opening credits of "The Growing Pains" sit-com from the 80's.  Despite Lillian's infatuation with her Grandpa - at the end of Jak's birthday soiree (and a little too far past bedtime) - neither of my kids would let anyone but momma hold them! That's 60 pounds I'm hoisting right there!
 So much love here....
 Deni had a recent foot injury before their Colorado visit and her foot was in a boot.  We opted to keep things simple and have a picnic lunch up the street at Standley Lake. And boy am I glad we did!  We discovered a little bit of paradise in our neighborhood.  We'll explore this lake many, many more times in the next decade I'm sure!

Jak is still a little behind verbally but he has the sweetest little "mime"
 way of communicating with everyone.  We usually figure out what he's trying to tell us (and believe me if you guess wrong - he's really good at letting you know that too!!!).  Jak can dribble his new soccer ball like a four year old and several mornings this week, the Kerschens have begun their day with a game of kickball on Johnson Street at 7 AM.  Our neighbors all drive by and smile.  It's become the fastest way to get the kids out the door in the morning and we'll take all the help we can get!  Jak still has the best smile on any little boy I've ever met and he generously offers it to anyone who looks his way.  It melts your heart.  And he gives the biggest bear hugs lately!  The kind where he wraps his arms and legs fully around you and squeals.  He is a sweet boy through-and-through, but trust me he's learning how to push his sister's buttons, we're in for our share of sibling fights over the next few years!

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