Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

Both kids thoroughly enjoyed their first trip to the dentist...thank god!  Lillian jumped right up in that dental chair and said "I'll go first, since I'm older Jak".  She listened and followed all her instructions like a pro and got to work "Mr. Thirsty", the air sucker.  Jak's exam was a little more basic for his age - they made sure his teeth were in good working order and counted them.  I was thrilled to hear he had 18 out of 20 already.  We're almost through teething in the Kerschen house!
I'm so glad my parents were visiting and could go with me to the dentist.  I was so fixated on listening to what the dental hygienist said (oh and taking pictures of course!), that I hadn't noticed Jak was climbing up the pole on the dentist chair like a fireman!  What a monkey he is!  Thank god Mom was there to help him!

We celebrated with a little playground time afterwards!



  1. That is such great news! Good thing your dentist and hygienist are both so reliable. Anyway, Jak and Lilian did such a great job for their first trip. I'm sure it was a load off your shoulder when you realized how orally healthy the two of them are. I think both of them enjoyed the celebration as well. Here's to more positive results in the future, Jennifer. All the best! :)

    Justene Doan@ A+ Family Dentistry

  2. Looks like someone is thrilled to have this visit! Good job on teaching the importance of dental hygiene in the minds of your children at such a young age. I could see your house wouldn’t have any much dental predicaments, except for a few tooth fairy visits. Cheers!

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care

  3. Jak can’t wait for his turn, eh? Good thing you had your parents to help you out with the kids. Anyways, I hope your children will grow up valuing the importance of dental health. Have a nice day!

    Garry Owen @ New Century Dental Group