Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two Going On Three

Lillian can't stop talking about her 3rd birthday party, no you didn't miss's not for 3 more months.  But several of her friends are turning 3, so she's wishing her "Big Day" would arrive soon too!  Almost daily, she tells me, "I want Mia and Sophia and Marek and Hannah and Mia and Sophia", etc etc etc.  Those are her girlfriends from school, every once in a while she throws in Tristan and Zander's names too.  It's going to be quite the party!
I said to her, we'll invite all your friends and your cousins too.  She said, "not Keira, Keira can't eat cake" with a bunch of giggles.  By the time we have Lillian's party, Keira will be 14 months and most definitely eating cake! But you can't explain time to a 2 year old (or should I say almost 3 year old!).
 Sophia, Lillian and Marek at Marek's 3rd birthday party last weekend.

Lillian anxious for Zander to blow out his candles on his guitar cake so we could dig in!
An indoor cake picnic!
Lillian and Jak got big smiles from baby Caroline!
Keira joined in the fun & Caroline laughed and giggled out loud.

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