Sunday, December 15, 2013

Really, We're Doing This Already?

Meet Marek, Lillians best friend from school.  Lillian and Marek are very close.  So close, their teachers have to seperate them during quiet activities.  They seem to speak the same language and they giggle all the time together.  We've named one of Lillian's stuffed animals "Marek" (ok by we, I mean Lillian did).  She's a sweetheart and we're really glad to see Lillian develop her own friendships.  Last night we attended a Christmas Party at Mareks house. 

It's the 1st time the Kerschen Family has attended a party where we didn't know anyone but Lillian's girlfriend!  Marek's parents are great people, their house is beautiful and the party was a lot of fun, but we thought we had a couple more years till we started adopting our kids friends as our own!
Santa came to the party to find out what all the kids wanted this year.  Each kid took a turn sitting on Santa's lap.  Lillian shied away from the idea and came to sit on my lap instead.  She nervously watched as each kid climbed up and received a "pre-Christmas" gift from Santa.  When it got close to her turn, Lillian belted out loud enough for everyone to hear, "we wrote you a letter!!!!".  It was her way of saying, "I don't need to talk to you, you can just read my requests!" But she did join in the "Ho-Ho Pokey" with all the kids!
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