Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Even though Grammie and Opa Hanou were just here in October and they're coming back for Christmas, Mike & I were able to (fairly easily) convince them to come out for Thanksgiving.  It's our first holiday without Great-Grandpa and it just didn't seem right to not be together. 
We had beautiful weather, great food and a really relaxing time!  The only thing missing was Holden, Everett and Aunt Kim (and of course the rest of our out-of-state family!).  Kim and the kids took a last minute trip to Pennsylvania to see her family.  Uncle Ian couldn't get away from work, so we got to keep him!   
Our Firefighters!  The Children's Museum is fun at any age!
Keira to the rescue!
How many 2 year olds know the word "Galli-moto"?  Lillian and Jak love playing with the new Galli-Moto's Grammie & Opa brought!
Jak's suddenly taken interest in Droste (not sure if Droste feels the same way!)

Good Snuggle time!

Uncle Ian (since he was "Kid - Free") took the time to help Keira feel like a big girl!
Great shot!
Keira "army-crawled" all over our living room!  Great to see her moving about!

Opa was trying to read Keira a story but she was too busy watching Jak & Lillian buzz around the house!

Shhh....I'll tell you a secret:  I LOVE it when both my kids need to sit on Momma's lap.  Hope it lasts for a long time!


Taking shelter on a very windy day at the playground!
Mom gets to be a kid sometimes too!

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