Sunday, June 9, 2013

Look at me boys, I ready!

Yes and Yes, those are the answers to the first questions that popped in your head.  My 2 year old daughter did utter these words to me this weekend, and I will explain.  At daycare, the kids play outside everyday after naptime.  The teachers struggle to get all the kids lathered up in sunscreen.  Most kids avoid this necessary task and hope they somehow slip under the radar and don't have to sit still long enough to get covered from head to toe.  But not Lillian, she loves lotion. always has.  She runs to be the first one to get "Ice Cream" as she calls it.  Then, with a little encouragement from her teachers, she announces to the boys (Levi and Ernest are her two closest friends these days) that she's ready.  
Last weekend, Lillian and I were waiting for Jak to wake up from his morning nap so we could head to the pool.  We decided to get our suits and sunscreen on while we waited.  She stuck her hand on her hips, just like the above picture and announces to the empty room, "Look at me boys, I ready".  I about choked to death.

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