Monday, June 10, 2013

Jak at 10 Months

I know I sound like a broken record, but it is really difficult to get this boy to sit still!  He wants to be on the move at all times.  Just this week, Jak has discovered that he can sit up from a crawling position.  He crawls for a few seconds, then stops, sits up, looks around to see where he's "gotten to" and then crawls some more.  When we go down to get him in the morning or from his naps, he's sitting up in his crib waiting for us.  He has also, just recently, discovered he can let go of furniture and attempts to stand on his own...unsuccessfully stand on his own but still a valiant first attempt!  He lets go of the coffee table and turns to grab onto whatever he can reach.  If there's nothing available for him to reach, then he tumbles to the floor.  Then he gets right back up and tries again!  
Jak is moving up to the Infants 2 room at daycare in a week.  I remember when Lillian made this same transition it was so hard for Mike and I, "was she really ready?", "what will her new teachers be like?", "will they make her be on a schedule that she isn't ready for?'.  Now those questions all seem so silly, Lillian and Jak both benefit from being with older children.  They both seem to want to learn and grow faster when surrounded by kids in the next stage.  Our little man will be walking in no time...
At his 9 month check up, Jak weighed 20 lbs 6 oz.  He measured 29.5 inches tall and yes, his head circumference is quite large (only a cm smaller than Lillians!).  They're no longer comparing him on the preemie scale.   He eats like crazy, finally!  But he hasn't figured out how to feed himself.  We put puffs and crackers in his hands and he just opens his mouth and demands we fill it....and fast!  We think it's funny that he puts all sorts of other things in his mouth to chew on, but when it comes to food, Jak just wants to be served.  
Lillian's 2 year check up was very positive as well.  Her language skills are off the chart. She impressed the doctor with her full sentences, and knocked her socks off when I said she's potty trained.  The doctor said, "Does she wear pull ups at night?", I said nope. Lillian has refused pull ups and diapers of any sort for about a month now. Some nights she makes it through and doesn't wake up till morning, most nights she calls for me and I take her to the potty, but she NEVER has potty accidents!  What a champ!
Lillian measured 35.5 inches tall.  The doctor said at 2 years old, you can take their height and multiply that by 2 = equaling about what their height will be when they're full grown.  That would make Lillian 5'9" - 6'!  But when we got home that night, Mike said she isn't 3 feet tall and took out the handy tape measurer he wears more regularly than his wedding ring and measured her....34 inches.  5"8' is a much more manageable height for her short mama! 

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