Friday, May 10, 2013

Jak at 9 Months

Man, it's hard to take this 9 month old boys picture!  He is so active.  He squirms and wiggles right out of your arms if you're not careful.  He wants nothing more than to be able to take off right after Lillian and run.  He's army crawling now - which helps - but he is still so frustrated that he can't get places as easily as the big kids.  He lifts his belly right off the ground and acts like he wants to crawl then flops back down and drags himself.  Jak loves to stand at the coffee table and play.  We throw several toys in front of him and he remains happy for about a half an hour.  When we let Jak "walk" by holding onto to our fingers he takes several steps now - he's catching on - it won't be long.
Jak has four teeth - the bottom two he's showing off proudly in this picture.  He's finally starting to eat more food.  I'm not sure how he's gotten this big, he barely wants to eat.  But like Mike says,  "Have you ever met an adult that doesn't eat?".  He'll come around.  
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