Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grandpa Kerschen's Visit!

Grandpa Kerschen came to visit for more that 24 hours and I wasn't in the hospital!  Yippy!  We got some good, quality time with Grandpa, even though he still opted to stay in a hotel.  We'll have a more suitable guest room for him by the time he comes again and he won't be able to use that as an excuse not to stay with us!  Even those he's gone I can still hear Lillian say, "Come get me, Grandpa, Come get me".  She must have uttered this phrase a few dozen times each day he was here and she made that poor man chase her all over the place.  She also made grandpa play ring-around-the-rosie, have tea parties and do all sorts of other fun 2 year old girl activities. 
An empty house under construction sure makes a great play house for young kids! 

Great 3 generation picture of my boys.

An even better picture of Big Joe with Little Joe.

Jak wants to walk everywhere, he's hard to hold in your arms, he dives right out!

Daddy gave Lillian a penny to feed the dinosaur, it ended up costing him a hole pocket full of change!  Pretty smart donation ploy at Red Rocks.  Lillian wanted to hear the dinosaur growl again and again!

The view from Grandpa's shoulders was the best!

But relaxing with Mommy in the parking lot is pretty great too!

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