Monday, January 21, 2013

Showering Baby Burns

Casey's baby girl will arrive in 5 weeks - give or take - and the family is so excited.  We had a great Orange and Pink themed baby shower last weekend.  Ironically, Casey pointed out that her wedding shower was April 19th, her wedding was July 19th and her baby shower was January 19th.  Casey's due date is February 25th - it is possible this little girl will follow the trend and arrive early on the 19th!
Kim made Casey (actually she made Casey's un-named baby girl) the cutest crib mobile.  It was the focal decoration for the party hanging above the food table and a huge hit with all the guests.
We only served orange themed food: orange hummus with carrots and orange bell peppers, mandarin orange fruit dip, orange bell pepper and black bean salsa, spicy orange sour cream dip, shrimp skewers, mandarin orange chicken salad triscuits and brie baguettes topped with mango chutney....yum!
Coworkers:  April, Susanna, Casey, Erica, Laurie, Sommer & Shannon
Friends: Sara, Mira, Meaghan, Casey & Duck
Friends:  Allison, Amy, Casey, Courtney & Emily
Family:  Meaghan, Kim, Colleen, Courtney, Casey & Mom

The second the shower ended; the boxes and packing tape came out of the garage and the family got to work. The house closing is next week!
The girls thought the packing bubble pop was so much fun of course.
Kim was a packing machine....seriously she made quick work of boxing up the back room.
Uncle Severin and Jak taking a cuddle break on the couch.
Last family dinner at 4465 Meade Street - last kids meal in the front room.  Maybe the next house will have enough room for us all to eat together in one room!

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