Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jak at 5 Months

Jak is a HAPPY boy!  This picture says it all.  He's a smiler!  Lillian is too, but at 5 months old we had to work pretty hard to get her to smile this big.  Not Jak, all you have to do is glance at him and he grins from ear to ear. 
Jak is really trying to use his legs to push up, he wants to stand already.  Lillian has notices this too, she points to the ground and says "Walk", "Walk", "Walk" over and over while nodding her head.  We play along and try to teach Jak how to walk.  Then we tell her, "Not today, we'll try again tomorrow".  I think she's ready for him to start playing with her! 
Jak loves to watch Lillian, still loves to watch TV and enjoys sitting upright with a view of whats around him.  When you talk to him, Jak tries to copy your mouth shape.  He's making lots of vowels sounds over and over.  Mostly happy sounds and coos, but occasionally Mike and I check to make sure he is happy, because sometimes his "practice words" come out a little sad or fussy.  At any rate it's fun to hear his voice!  Jak still hasn't rolled over.  He gets plenty of floor time, but laying on his tummy doesn't bother him at all so I think he has no desire to roll over.  I'm sure it'll happen soon, he wiggles and kicks all the time. 
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