Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodbye Young Friend

Everyone who met Oliver loved him.  Even when he barked at people walking by and woke your baby or peed on your furniture you couldn't help but forgive him.  Casey & Rob drew smiles and attention from strangers everywhere they took him - everyone loved him.  In his three short years of life, Oliver melted everyone's hearts.  The biggest temper tantrums from Holden, Everett and Lillian could easily be solved at the mention of his name. Even Lillian at 15 months old could easily say "Allilar".  When I couldn't get her shoes on or she'd fuss about getting in the car, all I had to say was, "Do you want to go see Oliver?".  She'd jump up, nod yes and say "Allilar".
Oliver had a liver condition that was diagnosed last week.  Casey and Rob had brought him to the vet countless times, had dozens of blood tests and finally had a diagnosis.  Oliver had Liver Shunts, curable by surgery.  Despite their best efforts to save him and allow him to live a healthy (but short) life, Oliver didn't come out of the anesthesia well.  He was suffering multiple seizures and had to be put down today.
He will be missed, he had an impact on people much bigger than his little size.  We love you buddy....

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