Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally a Family Picture

Lillian finally met her brother today!  

Lillian has endured a few too many hours in the hospital NICU waiting area.....but she finally met her brother today!  She was so sweet and gentle with him, and gave him lots of little kisses.  Nothing heals mom and baby brother faster than having the four of us together even if it was only a few minutes. 
Watching closely as Dad puts Jak back in his crib.
Lillian has made many friends in the hospital waiting area.  We tend to have visiting hours at the same time as certain families and the other Nicu siblings recognize Lillian when we come!

Jak continues to make great progress.  He is in an open crib, with no incline now.  Today we were told he is showing all the signs of  a baby that is about to make a big leap.  For him to come home he needs to take all his feedings from me or his bottles.  Today he took 3 feedings on his own and 5 from his "gravage" tube.  Tomorrow - maybe 1/2 and1/2????

Proud papa.....

The NICU staff is full of the most caring, educated, supportive people!  We can't say enough good things about them.  They are so encouraging of Jak's progress and support and encourage breastfeeding, nursing, mommy bonding and all the hand holding we parents need!

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