Monday, August 6, 2012

Final Days...

We are counting down the hours until Baby Boys arrival!  We have less than a week till we meet him and Friday can't come soon enough!  Everyone is asking if we're ready here at home and Mike and I just shrug and say what's to get ready?  We've got everything we need!  We sorted out all the boy baby clothes that have been packed away since we discovered Lillian was  going to be a girl.  We've washed and dusted off all our newborn baby gear and made room in Lillian's closet for all the BLUE!  Little Joe will sleep with Mike and I his first few weeks and then we'll decide if the two kids can co-habitate or not!  Eventually, they'll have no choice unless we move.  But we may sail through winter with a bassinet in our bedroom until Lillian's old enough for a big girl bed. 
We've enjoyed watching Lillian transform from a baby into a toddler the last few months.  I'm sure come Friday she'll look even older to us, next to her baby brother for the first time!
Enjoying the indoor playground at "Monkey Business" with Daddy while Mommy works her last weekend shift for 3 months!

Playing keep away with Inzo is fun...."I can keep up with the big boys!"

But Daddy's shoes are a little TOO big!

Mommy 8 months pregnant making shower gifts for her best friend's bridal shower she's going to miss.  Amanda's shower is in a couple of weeks back east in Maryland....a little too soon to travel with baby boy!

Mike's girls with similar facial expressions....she doesn't look too much like mommy yet! 

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