Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're having a baby!

On December 1st Mike and I were blessed with the news we were expecting a baby. The timing was perfect! We had just returned from Thanksgiving in Michigan with Mike's whole family and my mom, dad and Grandpa. We had such a nice trip. Sure, it would have been nice to share the news with everyone in person, but it was also nice to enjoy that life changing news by ourselves. At least for a few hours...

The news travelled fast! We couldn't contain ourselves, calling our parents immediately. The next day we called a few friends and more family. Unfortunately, my local family was hard to get a hold of. Ian, Kim and the kids were in Pennsylvania with her family and getting ready for Bobby Thompsons wedding that weekend. And tracking down Casey was difficult! I really wanted to tell her in person but she was getting ready to go to Pennsylvania too. Mike may never forget me making him drive over to Casey and Robs house at 9:30 at night after he played basketball for two hours earlier that night! But it was worth it. Casey was the only family member on either side that we were able to tell face to face!

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