Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One Lucky Little Girl

 I had to work Monday and Tuesday but Lillian got to spend some quality time alone with Grammy & Opa.  I think she could have sat here and watched the creek all day.  On Wednesday, I was home with Graceyn & Lillian.  We met Casey & the girls, who are also on Spring Break at Bass Pro Shop.  Such fun...and free!

Next I took the girls to Murdoch's....the chicks just arrived!  They were so fun to look at, too bad we couldn't hold one! 

 After lunch these hot chicks cruised the neighborhood in their jeep.  Then we picked Joseph up from school and headed to the Stanley Lake Library for a program on Kites & Pinwheels.  It was a terrific day...I didn't get much NYC packing done - but we had fun!

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