Saturday, January 28, 2017

The BIG Move!

Watch out Indy here we come!

Joseph & I got to take a little Mommy/Son adventure together....we flew to Indiana to help Grammy & Opa relocate to Golden, Colorado!

  We took a  one-way flight into the Indianapolis airport. 
Someone was more enthralled with the new play area in the Indianapolis Airport than he was with greeting his grandparents. 

That is until he saw Grammy in her usual spot.  He ran so fast I had to run to catch up to snap this sweet photo. 

The empty house didn't seem to phase Joseph, he loved playing "kick the ball of packing tape" with Grammy.

And he loved helping Opa with a few last minute projects.  He soaked up the one on one attention he got with all of us, and loved sleeping on a mattress on the floor with mommy. 

We watched TV the next morning while we waited for Grammy & Opa to finish up at the closing.  And just like that, their ties to Indianapolis were over and we hit the road!  We 1100 miles in front of us, and within the first 5 minutes Joseph had already found 5 of his pictures on his Car Bingo game.  We were driving down the alley and he spotted an RV parked on the street.  Then he saw a gas station, speed limit sign, fire hydrant, and traffic light.  He clicked his tongue, winked at me and said, "I'm good at this".  And I thought - we may have to play this game a few times! 

 But this 4 year old blew my mind.  He was such a patient, easy going travel companion.  He played with all the toys Grammy packed for him, toys that belonged to me and my siblings when we were his age.  He begged me to play the opposite game with him more than a few times (a game I made up where I say a word and he tells me the opposite; up/down, king/queen, black/white).  I held up flash cards with the letters of the Alphabet and he looked out the window to search for the letter on bill boards, license plates, etc.  We had such a great time!  We ran into a few little trouble spots along the way:
1.  One of the suit cases piled up behind the driver seat tipped over and fell on him while I was driving.  I had to voice text Opa to pull over. (I know!!!  I shouldn't text and drive but we were the ONLY cars on the highway at the time!)
2.  One time we had to pull over because one of his "Masters of the Universe" characters was "falling" and his foot pulled open the back door slightly....oops!
3.  One time we had to pull over - 30 seconds after a nice long lunch break - because Joseph had to poop. 
4.  And one time we had to pull over because Grammy read the wrong text and thought the suitcases were falling on Joseph again...LOL.
But all in all Joseph was a ROCKSTAR travel companion!  He only slept 45 minutes in two days and 18 hours of driving.  He jumped out of the car at rest stops and gas breaks, and he jumped right back in when it was time to hit the road again.  And he never once asked "Are we there yet?"  
Opa called him a real "Road Warrior".

We got back into Denver, just in time to pick Lillian up from Aftercare at St. Anne's.  The kids were so happy to be reunited! 

And BOOM, just like that we have "local" grandparents!

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