Monday, September 7, 2015

An Extened Family Member Moves to Colorado

Welcome Kelli, Adam and Nora!  We're delighted that Kelli "Raia" Dickson and her sweet family moved to Colorado.  I met Kelli sledding in Maryland when I was 11 and she was 2.  I assured her parents (and they believed me!) that even though I was only 11 - I was a very capable babysitter.  And so began a very wonderful friendship for the Raia's and Hanou's.  Joe Raia would come to pick me up to babysit, and end up staying for a half an hour (sometimes longer!) to visit with my folks.  To this day my parents make it a point to get together with the Raia's every time they go to Maryland and quite often end up staying at the Raia's house - with or without the Raia's in town!  

We met up at Tiny Town over Labor Day weekend - and they joined us for an end of summer pool party in our neighborhood the next day.

It's great to have Kelli in Colorado and a great chance to see her parents and brothers more often!

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