Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Little Off the Top

Well after 25 flawless, accident free years of working construction, Mike tested the hands of fate tonight and lost the tip of his left thumb.  The kids and I met Casey, Rob and Keira at "Dr. Suessical the Musical" in Stapleton while,  Mike worked late to finish a job so we could take off camping the rest of the weekend.  Just as Act 1 of the musical was wrapping up, I missed a call from Mike and received a very calm message, "Ah hon, don't panic but I'm on my way to PSL emergency room.  I sliced my thumb off pretty good.  I'll call you when I know more.  Don't try and come down, I'm ok." Needless to say, we did meet him in the ER!  

In typical Mike fashion, he felt no pain Friday night and refused all pain meds.  Saturday he took a couple Ibuprofen and by Saturday night his thumb was throbbing like the dickens.  We unfortunately, did not get to go camping.  But fortunately, Mike only lost the tip of his thumb, right under the nail bed, but above the knuckle.  He'll still be able to grip with it, and in a few months he probably won't even miss it.  Could have been worse, that's for sure!

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