Sunday, April 26, 2015

Potpourri of Recent Pictures

 We love to snuggle in our PJ's!
 Still climbing any and everything he can...
 Sweet smiles...

 Taking a nature walk with Daddy and stop to smell the flowers. And wear one in our hair of course!
 Watching TV and loving thy sister and brother!
 Enjoying Uncle Zane's brief visit from Florida.  Followed by a little game of, "You've been couched".
 Waking up from a 12 hour rest!
 Helping conduct the trains at the "Touch a Truck" event. 
 Riding in a Monster Truck with cousin Keira.
 And playing Lincoln logs from Grammy Kerschen.
As you can see, it's no fun at all to be a Colorado Kerschen kid.  No fun at all...

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