Monday, October 20, 2014

A Little Kelli Time...Best Friends for almost 30 years!

 Even though I saw Kelli last April when I flew back to Maryland with the kids. I didn't get nearly enough one on one time with her!  We sure made up for that this weekend.  It was so nice to have her to myself.  Mike made a special effort to give us as much kid free time as we could sneak in. 
 We exposed Kelli to all sorts of life in the suburbs with two little kids. She loved it, the kids loved it and I loved it.  But I bet she was really glad to get back to her nice, clean, quiet house!
 Alexa's 3rd Birthday Party
 Alexa's mommy gave out the best party favors.  We tested them all out on the ride home!

Hiking in the Boulder Canyon

 Rock Creek Farms Pumpkin Patch

 Neighborhood Potluck Party at the Abotes...Lillian and Jak tried the "Donut on a string" game. Hilarious...

 We invited a few friends - mostly family - to come see Kelli and watch the Sunday Night Bronco Game.  Then we invited a few more friends and a few more friends.  All the sudden we had a full on party!
What?  The pink tutu doesn't bother these boys.  They're tough enough to "rock it".

Thanks for coming to visit Kelli - it's been a while since I've had that much girl time!  I needed it!

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