Friday, June 27, 2014

Bad, Bad Boy!

Jak's in a biting phase right now and it's awful.  Not only does it hurt...but it's embarassing as a parent too!  The worst part is you don't see it coming.  He comes at you like he's going to hug you then, CRUNCH...he bites ya instead!  He is the most empathetic child I've ever seen, he freaks when Curious George gets whisked away by a balloon, yet he's biting his friends and family! 
We've warned his teachers and we're working on positive reinforecement.  Every morning this week, we've offered Jak an incentive not to bite.  "Jak, if you don't bite anyone today, we can go to the fire truck playground afterschool."  Or, "Jak, we'll have popsicles after school if you don't bite."  So far it's working, Lillian checks up on him throughout the day when she sees him through the fence on the playground.  Maybe he'll learn a few words soon and not communicate like this! 
Here's a couple pics of the kids at McDonald's afterschool as part of Jak's
"No Biting Rehabilitation Program"

Lillian might be smiling ear to ear in this picture but check out the bite mark on her stomach from earlier that day!

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