Monday, May 12, 2014


When Lillian woke up on Friday, May 9th....I said, "Do you know what today is?"  Her eyes got bright and she said, "My birthday?"  Then right away she said, "Can I go see it on the calendar?"  She and Mike have been turning the months forward on the calendar and counting the days til her birthday since Februaury!  FINALLY, it was her big day!
She couldn't wait to go to school.  She said Miss Stacey and Miss Shelly were going to let her be line leader, and sit on their lap for storytime and all sorts of other special priveledges!  We sent fresh fruit and whipped cream in for snack.
After school, Holden, Everett and Keira met us at Jumpin' Jordy's to bounce then came back to the house for dinner and birthday cake.  Saturday morning, Lillian's cousins and 3 of her 4 best friends came over for her birthday party.  We kept it small because Lillian was so specific about only wanting, "Mia and Sophia and Hannah and Marek". It was perfect weather for a party!  Thank god Grammy and Opa were in town - we never would have had our yard and house ready for a party without their help!  We had several hail storms last week - the backyard was a mess!

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