Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun

The kids had a whopping four Easter Egg Hunts this year.  The neighborhood hunt was early on April 6th.  It was a gorgeous sunny morning, but wouldn't you know it, at 12:30 when the hunt was about to start....a big dark cloud came over us and it snowed like crazy.  This was Jaks first experience with this fun, holiday tradition, so he couldn't quite understand why we were outside at the playground in the snow!  

The Easter Bunny visited the Wooden Shoe last Friday, and the kids came home with quite a goodie bag!  Then Saturday morning, they got to come to momma's work and hunt for eggs for all the "old folks" to witness.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great turnout.  

Finally, Easter morning, the kids awoke to a backyard full of hard-boiled and candy filled plastic eggs.  Lillian came out of her skin when she spied the first egg out the kitchen window!  By this time,  Jak had really caught on to what this holiday tradition was all about, and he gave Lillian a run for her money!

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