Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Great Visit with Grammy and Opa

There's always an occasion for Grammy and Opa to come visit us Coloradoans!  We haven't seen Grammy or Opa since Christmas, so they were due for a visit.  Casey had a business trip and Rob was  on his annual hut trip, so Grammy and Opa got baby Keira all to themselves!  Plus, Holden and Everett were on Spring Break and Holden turned 7 while they were here.  So much to celebrate!
That's a lap full of cuties!

Grammy loves the giraffes and so do the kiddos!

It was a chilly day at the zoo, so we spent most of our time indoors at the Tropical Discovery Center.  

Jak in a box!
Grammy & the birthday girl

Grammy and her "big granddaughters"

Singing to Holden!

Aunt Kim and the babes

Pretending its nap time (and sneaking in some snuggles!)

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