Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End Of Summer Fun

I can't believe summer's coming to a close!  I guess we say that every year, but this summer really was so much fun.  After the initial trauma of moving into our "20 Year Home", as Mike likes to call it, we chose not to dive into all the boxes, and immediately start decorating our house.  Instead, we chose to enjoy the summer, the new neighborhood, the pool, the zoo, our friends when we can squeeze them in and of course our family.  Here are some pictures to catch you up on the miscellaneous events of the last couple of weeks:
She may be a little girl now, but kitchen sink baths still make Lillian's day!
I love it when they share their toys...not sure if two kids on one Rocking Horse is what I had in mind though!
Our friend Zander discovered a great play yard for kids at the Denver Zoo.  Jak loved climbing in the tree house.
And Lillian loved racing the wooden boats in the river.

The Giraffes are a must-see for the kids...
But the elephants have always been Lillian's favorite, the first time I took her to the zoo, Lillian turned to me at the elephant exhibit and sighed, "thank you". 

Grammy & Opa were visiting over the Labor Day Weekend.  They enjoy using their Children's Museum membership with their 5 Denver Grand Kids.  It so hard to get a picture of Jak these days, he's always on the move!
We have unpacked a few boxes since we moved in, they quickly become a boat, space ship or car for the kids to enjoy!

Daddy promised Lillian, "The day the pool closes, I'll fill the hot tub for you." He was true to his word and filled it up this week!
Aunt Casey & Uncle Rob just bought a house in Stapleton.  We love the sand playground down the street from them!
The sand park has all these fun beach toys available for you to play with, and the rock behind Lillian squirts a waterfall every couple of minutes!
Some Day Keira will enjoy it, but for now she just enjoyed a "fresh air" nap in her stroller!

Last outdoor concert of the summer! 
Two tired momma's...sure wish we had the time to go get pedicures like we used to!  We deserve it more now!

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