Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jak at 11 Months

Don't you want to blow raspberries on that belly?  So cute!  Jak has 8 teeth now - 4 of which poked through while we were in Indiana/Michigan - poor guy!  Jak was pretty darn cranky while we were there....and now we know why!  Four teeth in one week...whew!  But he is starting to feed himself Cheerios and small bites of crackers finally.  For a kid who loves to eat, he sure doesn't work to hard at doing it himself!  He prefers to have a toy in each hand and let you shovel it in.  If he doesn't have something in his hands, he won't open his mouth!
Jak is busy!  In no time he can move from one room to the next.  If you have the back door open he BEE-lines straight out to the deck, if you turn your back, he dumps out the dogs water bowl.  The other day, I caught him eating Droste's gross!  I had to pry a piece out of his mouth...and he was not happy about it!  We still have very little furniture in this big ol' house so he has plenty of room to crawl & explore, he's even attempting to climb up the stairs.  We're in trouble!
He's stating to really be attached to his family.  When he sees Lillian on the playground he screams and cries so much that the teachers finally started opening the gates and letting Jak play with Lillian's class.  They have this adorable way of communicating.  Lillian speaks gibberish to him and they both giggle.  The teachers take pictures with their phones cause they love watching it so much.  Jak also recognizes my car.  When he sees me pull up to daycare he gets so excited just like his big sister.  But now that he's so eager to see me, I have to really hurry to grab 'em and hug 'em both as quick as possible or some really BIG tears start flowing!  It's the highlight of my day for sure!

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