Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Day in the Life....

Seriously, THE happiest baby on the block!
Mom and Dad are visiting while we wait for Baby Girl Burns to arrive.  Casey is 40 weeks tomorrow and feeling no sign that her baby wants to vacate her happy little cocoon!  They are staying with us in our 1/2 assembled home.  Literally, the basement is still fully under construction, there are no walls yet, only studs until we get our final inspections on electric and framing.  The bathroom isn't finished (but thank god the toilet is installed!).  There is one finished bedroom that they're staying in, they just have to walk through the construction zone to come upstairs. In the 4 short days they've been here, they've seen major transformations on the house.  Mike's hoping to have all improvement complete and put this house on the market soon too.  Why not sell them all!
Lillian supervising Daddy building the front porch.  One day before the snow arrived!
Grandma and Lillian getting out of the house for a little fresh air....even though there was an 8 inch blizzard!
Mommy and Jak staying warm but loving the fresh air too!
Grandma trying to keep up with a VERY active one year old girl.
A little pre-bedtime fun playing in the crib together.  Lillian can't wait to have a playmate!

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