Thursday, June 30, 2011


We just wrapped up another fun Hanou clan visit!  Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary was June19th.  To celebrate they took a similar trip that Mike and I took on our honeymoon 2 years ago, yes we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary over the weekend!  Mom and Dad flew into Denver, drove a rental car to Wyoming, Montana and into Canada to Banff and Lake Louise, staying at cute bed and breakfasts and visiting my dad's brother Tom along the way.  As you may remember Mike and I stayed in campgrounds - not bed and breakfasts - but it's debatable who had a better time! 
Severin & Colleen flew in to commemorate the 40th and we had Famous Dave's Barbecue cater dinner.  Not the fanciest anniversary dinner they've ever had but we loved it! Here are some pics of their visit, you might sense the theme......Everyone holding Lillian.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day....Colorado Kerschen Style

If you had one guess as to how Mike wanted to spend his first Father's Day, I guarantee 99.9% (Okay - who am I kidding - 100%) of you would guess correctly.  Yup, Lillian took her Dad camping!  I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't nervous and I'd be a bigger liar if I said it was easy to get us on the road!  But the first camping trip of the season is always a little rusty.  We finally took off at 3pm Saturday afternoon and the only things I forgot to pack were Mike's Father's Day cards and gifts...duh!!! 
We met Stu and Allison at one of our favorite spots, Jefferson Lake.  We've camped with Stu and Allison dozens of times, but this was the first time they were in the same tent!  They've been friends for 7 plus years and 3 months ago decided to be "more than friends".  We're so excited for them, everyone is left wondering, what took them so long? 
Lillian was a good little camper!  She slept really well, and more importantly, enjoyed hiking really well too!   

Lily-Bird already seems to love all the things her daddy does!

Mike's broad shoulders have always been my favorite view on any hike, the addition of the baby backpack makes the view even more appealing.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day

What a memorable Memorial Day we had!  Lillian was three weeks old last weekend and Mike & I felt it was time to introduce her to several friends who hadn't had the opportunity to meet her yet.  We planned a big barbecue here at the house and had a great turnout!  I forgot to take pictures - I had my hands full with a VERY hungry little girl!  But thankfully our friends Stu & Allison captured a few photos for you!
Sorry the resolution isn't great and that's as big as I can make the pictures without making them blurry!   The first pictures are of the guys drinking beer and hanging out in the backyard.  The last picture is of the girls all gathered in the kitchen - and look at all the babies!  We had 6 babies in all here on Monday and should have had a couple more but a few friends couldn't make it!  Our "baby-less" friends are feeling the pressure to jump in the fire!  We could have several more this time next year!

We also had out of town guests last weekend!  Uncle Tom came in from Montana to meet his girlfriend (and our family friend!) Sue from Indiana.  They spent a few days in the mountians, hiking and a few days in Denver with us.  We had a great visit, I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately, they were deleted from our camera somehow!  I'm especially disappointed because I had great pictures of us visiting my great-uncle Bert (Lillian's great-great uncle!) and they're gone.  Here's a picture of Tom and Sue at our wedding two years ago.

Lillian is fantastic.  Of course, we think so!  She really is a good baby, she only fusses when she's hungry.  And when she's hungry, she wants to eat immediately!!  This week has been a little rough.  Everyone said, babies hit growth spurts at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months. And they weren't kidding!  We had a three day stretch where she only quit crying when she was eating or sleeping!  But I think my supply has met up with her demand and we are smooth sailing again!  Last night we reached a few notable milestones. 
1.  I attempted to dress her in the sleeper she came home from the hospital in and it was too small!  Her legs were bent up at the knees and couldn't straighten out. 
2.  She slept in her crib all night!  Of course, she still woke to eat at 2 am, and 4 am but Mike and I have reclaimed our bedroom for ourselves! 
3.  I put her in her carseat yesterday and I had to re-adjust the straps to fit her in.

So I guess her demanding need to eat is paying off, she's growing!  We walked down to the 1st Friday art walk in the neighborhood last night and Lillian received so much attention.  Despite her obvious growth spurts to Mike and I, the rest of the world still views her as the little peanut that she is!  I've never had so many strangers stop to talk to me!  Here's a video I took earlier this week.  Enjoy!