Sunday, January 29, 2012


We have entered the "Monkey See, Monkey Do" stage and it is so much fun!  Lillian waves hello and bye-bye now, clicks her tongue when you do it, and gives high-five.  We're working on blowing kisses but so far all we get is a puzzled look in return.  Here is a video of Lillian playing peak-a-boo, sorry for my mildly annoying commentary - I just get so excited for her!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Daddy's Girl...

Happy Birthday Daddy!
It's been an amazing first 8 months together,
I'm so lucky to have a dad who loves me so much!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Love Birdie

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in the Rockies

Grandma and Opa Hanou were struggling with what to buy their adult children for Christmas this year.  At our age, if we want something we just go out and get it.  Plus, most of us are trying to "de-clutter" our lives!  So, they came up with the best gift idea, they rented us a cabin in Silverthorne for the week between Christmas and New Years.  Unfortunately, some of my siblings couldn't come up for the whole week, but Mike, Lillian and I took FULL advantage of their generous gift!  Here is a photo gallery of our week:

The patent leather shoes doubled as a toy during church!

We wanted the fireplace as a backdrop for our family photo but Lillian was too distracted by it.
This was the best shot of her face we could get!

And this photo proves how mesmerized she was by the fire...

The 1st night in the cabin proved to be a little too exciting for Lillian, after the 3rd time she woke up, I caved into Grandma's requests and let Lillian come "back to the party"!

Christmas morning we awoke to a surprise: a momma and baby moose out our back door.  They almost came right onto the porch!  We watched them for over an hour, and we looked for them every morning after.  Unfortunately, our "Christmas Moose" didn't return.

Lillians 1st Christmas morning (the tin lid from the box of chocolates was more fun than any toy this year!)

A visit to "Royal" the buffalo cheered Lillian up whenever she got fussy!

Our family hike on Christmas Day, this year no crazy lady yelled at us for having our dog off leash, but we had to turn around when Casey's foot fell through the ice into the creek.....Brrrrr!

What a sweetheart....

Lillians 1st sleigh ride......a lot of work for Daddy!

Even MORE work for Daddy!

But well worth it for that smile...

Rocky Mountain High

We wish we had more snow to play in, but afternoons sunning ourself on the deck sure were relaxing.

As usual, we loved having Uncle Tom and Sue join us.  They left us a couple of days after Christmas and headed north to Wyoming and Montana in search of more snow, can you blame them? 

Lillian has really taken to eating food.  She really prefers feeding herself and we've already transitioned to more and more finger foods.  She proudly exhibited that to her Uncle Severin!

Grandma and Opa with their two granddaughters.  Lillian already really looks up to her big cousin Holden!!!! It was so fun to watch them interact this week.

It wouldn't be a family get together without a bathtub picture!

Opa and Grandma with their squeeky clean grandkids!

Playing in their PJ's....that's what vacations all about!
After the out of town family headed back home, we invited Erica and Darren (Lillian's Godparents) and their daughter Liliana up to stay with us for New Years.  Liliana is only 2 months older than Lillian but what a difference 2 months makes!  Liliana was all over the place, crawling, pulling up on furniture, walking around furniture and even taking a step after letting go of the furniture!  Mike and I got a glimpse into the next couple of weeks with Lillian and we can't wait! The girls had a really good time together, when Erica put Liliana in her pajamas, we couldn't believe our eyes, not only do the girls have similar names, they have matching pajamas!

Of course, we couldn't resist the photo opportunity!

And the girls played along "hamming" it up for the camera!
It was a relatively mellow New Year's Eve for Casey, Rob, Erica, Darren, Mike and I but a wonderful, relaxing one!