Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally a word from the dad!

Courtney and I are still week to week with our doctor, but so far the boys are holding their own. Courtney has been spectacular at getting her protein, water and rest like the doctor suggested and it seems to be working. Twenty weeks yesterday. The official halfway point!  Unlikely we'll go all tthe way to forty, but it's a good milestone to hit.

As for the rest of our world...the Hanou clan just left and boy did we have a great weekend. Not only did Frank and Marsha come out, but this time we also had Pinky (grandpa), Severin and Colleen, and Uncle Tom and Sue!  The girls threw a bridal shower for our soon-to-be sister-in-law Colleen and us guys took Sev out for a night of crazy bachelor fun. On top of that we had a third birthday party for princess Holden and Frank and Marsha got to come and see their first "live" view of their grandsons via the ultrasound.
Thanks to Frank and Severin for helping me out on the kitchen remodel too. Courtney is feeling a lot better about this project now that we have a functioning kitchen again. There is still a lot to do like drywall finishing, trim and paint but all the new appliances and sink, etc. are working so at least it is getting close. With all the couch time Courtney is putting in, she is getting pretty good at knitting. There is at least one homemade/mom-made blanket for the boys in the near future.  We are both staying pretty busy at work too. With all this stuff on our plate it's a good thing we both love our jobs.

We're looking forward to a trip to Michigan to see our new nephew Johnny get baptized and a trip to D.C. for Severin and Colleen's wedding. Other than that we are getting pretty good at being home bodies. It's fun hanging near home and getting ready for the boys.

Take a look at the picture below! There is no denying she's pregnant now!  Beautiful!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Boys, Go apologize to your Mother"

This is the phrase I hear my husband practicing daily!  Yes, I will soon be way out numbered in my house.  We're having boys!  Could that explain the red meat cravings?  I'm growing quite nicely as you can see from the picture below.  And Baby B is growing perfectly as well.  Unfortunatley, Baby A is about a week and a half behind in growth.  So, Mike & I have now been referred to a specialist :( 
Most twins are born with varying weights and sizes, I've heard that they usually balance out within months of life outside of, well outside of me!  However, at 17 weeks it's a little early for them to be such different sizes.  We now have weekly ultrasounds to make sure the weight and length difference don't continue to go in opposite directions.  And I've been asked to restrict my physical activity (ugggh!), lay down whenever possilbe (double ugggh), drink at least a gallon of fluid a day (you know what that means...more time in the bathroom!) and increase my protein to 150 grams a day.  It's been a tough week for Mike and I.  I think he's having more trouble with it than me because he feels so helpless.  My kick- #@$% sister, Casey came over the next day with a protein additive that is flavorless.  I mix it in my food and condiments all day!  Mike & Zane went to GNC and got me some mega-body builder protein shakes that I now drink 2-3 times a day.  I feel like I haven't had a meal for enjoyment all week!  I'm so full of liquids that the protein supplements really are necessary, there is no way I could eat 150 grams of protein without them (I do have two babies in there!!!).  My sister-in-law Kim and several awesome girlfriends are cooking for me. They say it's mostly because Mike completely gutted our kitchen just 4 days before we found out about my new restrictions - but it's also because they're worried and want to help in any way.  I keep reminding everyone that there is no reason to think something is genetically wrong, both babies have all their parts (and we've seen them ALL!) and both babies have equal amounts of fluids in their sacks.  Our next appointment is Tuesday afternoon, hopefully their fluid is the same and Baby A has done some catching up!  We will keep you posted!