Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back in Denver - But Still On Vacation!

 Casey, Grammy and I took to the kids to the Nature and Science Museum while Opa rested.  He hasn't been feeling too good this whole week.  It turns out he re-pulled the muscle in his chest that he injured 6 weeks ago.  He spent the last leg of the trip at home with the heating pad on.

 We were blessed to have Kathy Elsey drive up from the "country" to visit us for a night.  It was so good to see her and catch up. 

 We got the whole Colorado Hanou clan together again for New Year's Eve.  But this time with a whole bunch of other people.  Ian and Kim had a huge crew come over to ring in the new year!


Of course we were home early to watch the New York celebration on the couch, snuggled in our pj's, just the way we like it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Annual Christmas Cabin in Dillon this Year

What a great year!  Our kids are finally old enough to participate in some big kid fun.  And boy did we have fun.  Grammy and Opa found a gem of a cabin in Dillon this year.  Surrounded by fun things to do and lots and lots of snow.  The place was nice, guest friendly and big enough to suit everyone. 
 Of course it wouldn't be a holiday without tons of food.  And some silly face contests.

 We enjoyed the Silverthorne Rec Center - especially the big water slide!
 Painting, coloring, and lots of lots of downtime!
 And some simultaneous iPad veiwing.
 I had a little help from my good luck charm.
 Cousin love...
 The big news of course, was that Everett had a loose tooth.  The operative word, being HAD.  Everett let Lillian have a tug at it.

It came loose that night and the tooth fairy flew up to Dillon for him!
 Thanks to Uncle Tom we got a great shot of all 16 of us.
 Gearing up for sledding! It takes us an hour to get out the door!
 But it was worth it!

 After sledding the Crowley's invited us over for homemade eggnog and hot cocoa.
Grammy and Jak made up a cute little game - that involved lots of kissing!
 Mike, Severin and Ian had a chance to take Everett and Lillian to the shooting range one afternoon.  Everett has talked to Mike about hunting every time they have seen each other lately.
 I think he liked it!

 On our way to Loveland to go skiing!

 I'd say it was a much better experience than last winter - but the kids are a long way from skiing on their own still!

And a little birthday celebration for Colleen on our final night.  As usual, we hate to go home!  But at least I have the rest of the week off from work!