Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mexico Bound

After a beautiful but cold winter here in Colorado, we aren't shy at all about bragging......the Colorado Kerschens are going to MEXICO!
 Winter At "The Pond"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Zoo trip with 3 Wild Animals!

Casey and I brought the kids to the zoo this morning to enjoy the warm 45 degree day!  That Colorado sunshine sure does make 45 feel like 65.....until the wind blows!

Hammin' it up in the Tub!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two Going On Three

Lillian can't stop talking about her 3rd birthday party, no you didn't miss's not for 3 more months.  But several of her friends are turning 3, so she's wishing her "Big Day" would arrive soon too!  Almost daily, she tells me, "I want Mia and Sophia and Marek and Hannah and Mia and Sophia", etc etc etc.  Those are her girlfriends from school, every once in a while she throws in Tristan and Zander's names too.  It's going to be quite the party!
I said to her, we'll invite all your friends and your cousins too.  She said, "not Keira, Keira can't eat cake" with a bunch of giggles.  By the time we have Lillian's party, Keira will be 14 months and most definitely eating cake! But you can't explain time to a 2 year old (or should I say almost 3 year old!).
 Sophia, Lillian and Marek at Marek's 3rd birthday party last weekend.

Lillian anxious for Zander to blow out his candles on his guitar cake so we could dig in!
An indoor cake picnic!
Lillian and Jak got big smiles from baby Caroline!
Keira joined in the fun & Caroline laughed and giggled out loud.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Indoor Winter Fun

What better way to have a little indoor fun in the wintertime than to have a play date with your cousin at Bass Pro Shop?  It's been colder than cold and pretty darn snowy these last few weeks and Casey and I needed a change of scenery!  We met up at Outdoor World and let the kids run loose.  Best part is, we got to visit and hangout while the kids climbed rock walls, admired fish tanks, stuffed bears, wolves and deer, rode the glass elevator up and down and up and down, and test drove a bunch of four wheelers and boats.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Best Dad Ever

I had to work last Saturday, it was cold and snowy.  Mike was going to be alone with the kids for a whole 8-9 hours....stuck indoors!  No indoor "fun" sounded like fun....if you know what I mean.  There are days where you just don't want to go out.  So, Mike shoveled the snow off the deck and built a ramp for this kids to sled down.  They had such a great time sledding, right in our backyard, that they couldn't wait to show off their "moves" when I got home.  Of course, Daddy's too big to fit in the saucer-sled so he promised them I would sled with them when I got home....humph, it was a tight fit!! 
Snow Bunnies!


We're not sure where Lillian learned to do "snowangels".  Neither of us taught her, yet she was quick to show off her skill! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just a little off the back, Dad

Jak got his first haircut last weekend.  His curls are adorable and fit his personality to a T, but they were getting too hard to "tame".  He rubs the back of his head so much when he's sleeping that they frizz up and make him look like Jack Nicholson in "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest".  No one wants that!  Mike was able to give him a fade, and leave the top curly.  He's a true ladies man again!

Jak is the oldest in his class now and getting ready to transition to the next room at school.  They have already begun putting him on a mat at nap time and he's doing well.  Just like his big sister, Jak prefers to be around the older kids.  When Mike drops him off in the mornings, Jak jumps right in and plays with the big kids till they separate them to their individual classes.

It's so fun to be able to talk to Jak lately.  While he has very few words still, he's able to understand simple commands, like "bring this to Lillian" or "put this in the trash" and follow through.  He's so proud of himself when he does what he's asked!  He also clearly signs the words "more" and "all done", which makes mealtime so much more fun!

Jak is such a charmer, he melts everyone's hearts and everyone at the Wooden Shoe knows his name! I'm getting about 3 calls a week lately, letting me know he's hurt himself or been hurt by another kid. Mike says, it's ok, cause "Chicks dig scars".  Even at home, he climbs furniture more than he plays with his toys these days (ok his basketball hoop and balls probably still win the popularity contest but it's close!).