Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Michalko's are off to Florida....

We are so sad to announce that our very good friends, Zane, Sarah, Inzo & Netta have moved to Florida.  We Kerschens kept hoping they'd change their mind at the last minute (and while we're being honest...I'm still hoping they change their mind & come home to Colorado!).  But it doesn't seem likely.  Sarah is from Florida and has been dreaming about moving back for as long as I can remember.  All the "stars" seemed to line up for them to make this move possible....Their house sold in just a few days, Sarah is able to keep her job and work remote, and Zane is attempting to sell his plumbing business but travelling back to Colorado every other week until then.  They found their dream house just a few blocks from the beach and off they went!  We had them over for dinner to say goodbye 2 weeks ago, it went so well and the kids had such a great time that we repeated the evening last Sunday night!
I have several pictures similar to this one...I was so excited all 4 of them sat on the couch together spontaneously.  Getting all 4 of them to look and smile at the camera proved harder!

Grammie Hanou was right.....Costumes are FUN! 

When it was time to go, Inzo didn't want to leave (or take off his costume).  Lillian tackled him and declared, "I got you chicken!".  It was hysterical!

When they came back for Dinner Party - Part 2 - The weather was so nice, Sarah gave the girls a swing ride in the back yard before dinner.
We miss you already, Michalko's but wish you Good Fortune and Joyful times in Florida!  We can't wait to come visit you!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jak's Walking!

Jak took his first steps last Thursday night!  The way he did it warms my heart.  Mike and I are thrilled at how much Jak is communicating with us lately.  He still has very few words in English, but if you listen - Jak is telling you exactly what he wants at all times! 

Mike had a Board Meeting - I just realized that I should have written a blog about that!  Side Note:  Mike has been elected to the Pond Neighborhood Board - he got the most votes of the 6 candidates running for 4 open positions.  He is now serving on the Neighborhood Board of Directors for the next 3 years.  So many neighbors congratulated me at the neighborhood brunch this morning, saying they couldn't be happier to have Mike on the Board, guess he's got some loyal fans already! 

Ok....Back to Jak!  So while Mike was in the shower getting ready for the Board Meeting, I tried to put Jak down on the carpet, but he wouldn't bend his legs.  He was insisting on standing.  So I held my fingers out and let him try to walk with me.  But he pulled his hands away and let out a squeal in protest.  So I tried to get him to sit on the carpet again, but still he protested by not bending his legs.  Finally I let him stand by himself facing me, that's when he smiled and nodded his head up and down.  He took about 1 1/2 steps and dove into my lap laughing.  Lillian and I yelled for Mike, and sure enough Jak took about 4 steps to Mike. 
Jak in full concentration!
Jak spent the weekend showing off his new skill for everyone who came over, with the same bright smile.  It's the weirdest feeling to turn around and see your son, who spent so many months crawling here and there and everywhere - stand up by himself in the middle of the room and take a step or two.  I was washing dishes tonight while he was playing in the kitchen cabinets, I turned around and he was walking to the other side of the kitchen.  It won't be long till he's chasing his sister! 
Watch out Lillian - you & your toys are no longer safe!
Practicing with my car...

Ditching the car and Dad's finger....He's Off!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Fun

Momma & Her Tiger Cub

Who knew Spider Man And Purple Octopus' liked playing football so much?

One of the only pictures of Lillian wearing her Octopus hat...It'll keep her warm Halloween night though!

Grammie & Keira as a giraffe...Grammies favorite animal!

Thank goodness the balloon lady could make yellow monkeys! It was worth the 30 minute wait in line!

I think Jak is saying, "Keira, why are you wearing that silly costume?"

Opa and Keira watching the "big kids" play at McDonalds - a little post festival nourishment!
Grammie couldn't control herself at the Goodwill....Lillian and Jak have costumes for dress up all winter long.

I'd say Lillian's a fan of the idea!

Fall Visit with Grammie & Opa

I'm not sure I'll ever stop hearing about Grammie & Opa.  Lillian had such a great time while they were here.  She enjoys the extra adults doting on her, but she also loves the cousin-filled weekends & large family dinners that come along with it. 
Such a great snapshot of these kids personalities shining through!  How did Grammie manage to smile so calmly?

Jak building towers - and of course knocking them right back down!

Opa broke his back slinging Lillian around in a laundry basket.  Of course, she took a hit to the noggin a couple seconds after this picture was snapped!

Beautiful Fall Picture

Taken in our backyard

The 5 Colorado Cousins in one shot!

The Colorado "girl" Cousins.  Holden is so nurturing and sweet with them both!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Indoor Fun!

The kids don't mind that we don't have any furniture in the house, it makes indoor bike riding a whole lot more fun.  Lillian made Daddy dig out her helmet from the basement - cause you can never be too safe! 
Jak's not walking yet but he is talking up a storm!  He's starting to say things on purpose and repetitively, like Uh-oh, Go, Momma, Babababa (for a bottle) and I did it.  But mostly he just says "ticka ticka ticka".  We're not sure what it means but he says it all the time when he's playing.  Jak loves to give hi five, still smiles generously at everyone he meets and shakes hands when you ask him too.  He is making connections everyday and it is so fun to watch. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Here's Lillian helping Daddy "Get the Job Done"

Jak is in upper-management, he sipped his after school cocktail and supervised the project.