Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Don't worry no one has been shot.....But the Colorado Kerschen's added some bangs around here!  Lillian had a snotty nose last week and her hair kept getting stuck to her nose.  I finally decided it was time to give her a trim....
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving & Kid Friendly Dinner Parties!

This was the first time in 5 years that Mike and I didn't make it to Michigan for Thanksgiving. We were sad to not be with the Kerschens, Coopers and Gramma and Opa Hanou but really grateful to not be traveling with 2 babies during the busiest time of year. Instead we hosted our Colorado Family!  Casey & Rob, Ian & Kim and Holden & Everett joined us for yummy food and a beautiful afternoon!
We weren't able to get a picture of the 4 of us because Lillian couldn't be bothered to stop playing with her cousins for ONE second!
Uncle Ian, donning his old school Redskins shirt and teaching Jak some football basics.
The parents-to-be practicing!
This crazy balloon held its helium for 3 weeks and was the FAVORITE toy of every child that came to visit.  Seriously, why buy real toys? 
The classic cliche "kids table".  They were proud to have their own table but insisted they needed a centerpiece!
The Sunday after Thanksgiving we enjoyed another kid friendly dinner party with some friends.  We had 6 kids and 6 adults join us for a pot roast dinner!  Great planning on my part because dinner was prepped and ready before anyone arrived.  The weather was great so we were able to play outside.
Our kiddie table from Zane & Sarah sure has gotten good use already!
We moms enjoyed catching up with each other while the Dad's stepped up to the plate...all three men had their hands full.  Judging by their smiles, I'd say they enjoyed every minute of it!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jak at 3 Months

Is his double chin noticeable?  Jak's puttin' on the pounds!  He is wearing 0-3 month clothes comfortably, smiling at every face he sees, cooing a bunch and  still just as sweet as ever.  His neck is strong enough to hold himself up in his bumbo seat, which gives him a whole new view of the world. Jak really likes to watch his sister, and she continues to love him to death!  When I pick the kids up from daycare, Lillian runs into my arms with a huge smile on her face.  Seconds later she either says "Jak" or "Brother", points next door to his room and nods her head.  Then she turns to her teachers and the other kids and says "Bye", nice and loud with a big smile. 
There's a good shot of his nice round face.  So kissable!

Lillian pushing Jak around in her doll stroller. She's an M.I.T. (mom in training)!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Last Hoorah!

Man....maternity leave sure goes by fast!  I go back to work this Monday.  Jak, Lillan and I finished up my 12 weeks off with a Hanou-Kerschen, Indiana-Michigan trip combo.  You read that right....I flew alone with two babies back to Indiana!  It really wasn't hard at all.  Jak continues to be the most easy going baby I've ever met.  Lillian on the other hand keeps me busy!  We spent a night in Indianapolis and got to show off the babies to their great grandpa.  Then Gramma, Opa and I drove with Jak and Lily to Michigan to visit the Kerschens and Coopers!
Mike and I have said it a dozen times in this blogbook...but it needs to be mentioned again.  We are sooooo lucky to have such great family!  My parents bend over backwards to help organize family get-togethers for us.  And Mike's family all rallied around and made our weekend in Michigan a top priority in their lives.  Cathy was an awesome host as usual.  We had such a great time.
Great Grandpa Lerch with Lillian and Jak
Opa and Gramma Hanou with Lillian and Jak
Everyone fought to have their turn holding Jak...Grandma Kerschen didn't want to let go!
Best picture of Layla...she's such a proud older cousin!
Big Joe holding Little Joe
Uncle John...the baby whisperer...
Grandma Cooper brought big smiles on Jak
Best Halloween costume....Layla is a slow no wake buoy.  Her own idea...I kid you not.
Lillian's first tea party.
Johnny and Aunt Candy having headstand contests...seriously she's pushing 50 and still rocking out handstands!
Lillian had to get in on the action.
We had such great weather!  Johnny made me run around the cul-de-sac twice!
Sadly, Mike's Aunt Catherine passed away while we were visiting Michigan.  These Kerschen girls all have Catherine in their name in honor of Great-Great Aunt Catherine Stoffer.  What amazing timing that we were all together to take this photo for her.