Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lillian at 7 Months

Lillian is sitting up so well all on her own!  She isn't crawling quite yet but we're pretty sure it's coming soon.  She has 4 teeth now (all within a 4 week span!).  She's mastered the art of swallowing her pureed diet and is moving on to "puffs", yogurt melts and teething biscuits. 
She and her daddy continue to have special games they play with each other.  The latest is a little hard to explain in words (I suppose all baby talk babble is hard to spell out!).  The five minutes before bedtime are the fussiest few minutes we have with Lillian all day.  She seems to know it's bedtime and we can't get her ready fast enough!  I struggle every night to try and get her changed into her pj's as fast as humanly possible while Mike tries to distract her.  Through trial and error, Mike has come up with the best distraction yet!  He put his hand over her lips and made "pow wow" Indian motions while she's crying.  It caused me to laugh out loud and made Lillian giggle and giggle.  So every night we've been playing "Indian" before bed.  Well, last Tuesday night Mike wasn't home.  As I put Lillian to bed alone she was crying.  I only have so many hands and I was unable to pat her mouth while changing her.  In the middle of a good cry she took her tiny hand to her lips and made the motion herself.  It soothed her and brought tears to my eyes.  She was thinking of her daddy even though he wasn't there.  What a good girl...
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gobble Gobble

For the fourth straight year, the Colorado Kerschens travelled to East Lansing to join the Michigan Kerschens for Thanksgiving.  And for the fourth straight year Grandma and Opa Hanou and Great Grandpa Lerch joined us as well!  I love this tradition, and so does everyone else.  Our families seem to fit together so well and that's what Thanksgiving's all about.  Being with family and thanking God for the family you have.  We are so blessed.
I love my Thanksgiving pajamas from Na Na Nancy

All Grandma Kerschen wanted was a decent picture with her 6 grandchildren...apparently that was too much to ask for!

When I grow up I want to be just like my big cousins!

"Baby Lily kissed me"

I wonder what life will be like for Lillian when she's great grandpas age.
Going for a hike with can never be too safe!
Especially when Grandpa Kerschen is teaching Johnny to hunt!

The growing Kerschen family

Another great bath picture, this time in Grandma Kerschens kitchen sink!
 I can't wait for Christmas, hopefully there will be lots of shiny ribbons!

I can't take my eyes off the pretty lights!

 Can't wait for Christmas!