Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Chapter, Old Friends

It's hard to believe 12 years ago this summer, Erica Savino and Courtney Hanou got in a teal green two door Mercury Cougar and drove west!  The car had Erica's name detailed on the driver's side door - I kid you not.  We were fresh out of college, eager to start a new chapter in our life and most of all, we were confident we could always go home to mom and dad if our big move to Colorado was a flop. 

Well, I guess we're here to stay!  Erica & Darren Wright are expecting their first, a little girl anyday now. Even though Erica and I don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, it's so nice to know she's only a phone call away.  I'm so happy we're beginning another new chapter together....

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I am 26 weeks and one day pregnant.  I realize that is not a milestone to most pregnant women, but to Mike and I, it marks a significant anniversary.  I was 26 weeks and one day pregnant with the boys when we found out they were gone.  The last few mornings, while I lie in bed, I roll over on my back and turn this little girls world upside down.  It seems to work - she gets all disoriented and flops around inside me.  She may be uncomfortable but Mike and I just smile at each other knowing she's doing alright in there. 

There are so many differences between these two pregnancies.   We thought today would be a good day to reflect back a little and point out the positives of this pregnancy:
  • I eat and drink like a normal person!  I'm not bound to drinking a gallon of water a day and adding protein powder to EVERYTHING.
  • I have normal Courtney energy so far - I workout at home or at the gym with Mike everyday, work is great, and I sill have energy to go out occasionally too.
  • I can still put my own shoes and socks on! (But I appreciate that spring is on it's way and I can wear sandals soon!)
  • My body and face still look like me - I'm not all puffy from the added protein and fluid.
  • We aren't visiting the doctor every week (although it would be fun to see her more often!)

Some of you know this already, but Mike and I have decided on a name for this little girl.  We've been calling her Lillian from the get-go and it's stuck.  We both can't think of her as anything other than Lily.  So, rather than waiting until she's born to make this BIG announcement, we're telling you now because I can't refer to her as "little girl" anymore!  We talk to Lillian all the time and it's become very difficult not to type her name in this blog! 
****Father's Note:  We are still accepting bids for the middle naming rights! Whoever pledges the biggest 529 contribution gets the name! (just kidding)  Stay tuned for middle name possibilities coming soon.****