Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike's Girls Are Happy & Healthy!

YUP!  We found out today that we have a healthy, beautuful baby girl growing inside me!  Already, Mike refers to me as "his girls", saying things like "How are my girls?" and texting me that he loves his girls so much.  It's so sweet to hear!
Baby Girl Kerschen really is such a joy to watch!  Our favorite ultrasound tech is back from her own maternity leave and she gave us a video of the ultrasound to take home.  I was so grateful and couldn't wait to get home to watch it.  Then, I uploaded it and realized it's 25 minutes long!  She's not THAT exciting! And because the video is so long I'm unable to post it to the blog.  Hmmph.  Dad suggested posting it via You Tube....I'll work on that I'm not technologically that gifted :)
Love and Hugs to all of you.....It's going to be a wonderful Christmas this year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mike & I are so blessed to have family that loves to visit us and have us visit them.  I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I've seen my parents 4 times THIS pregnancy! Yes.....they still live in Indiana!  They were out in Colorado visiting us in September before their trip to Vancouver, again in November for my Great Aunt Case's funeral, they met us in Michigan for Thanksgiving and we just celebrated an early Hanou Family Christmas last weekend!  We also hosted, Mike's mom for a week in October and got to see her at Thanksgiving in Michigan!  I hope we can keep this up when the baby comes!

All these family gatherings did allow us to update our family photos!  Here is an all Kerschen photo at Cathy's house before Thanksgiving dinner...
And an all Hanou family photo taken last weekend in our backyard.....

(Notice Droste and Oliver wrestling in the right corner?  Hilarious!)

Here is a great picture of Holden giving Grandpa (her great-grandpa) his 2011 Family Calendar.  Kim assembled a calendar for him with pictures of all his grandkids, grandkids-in-law and great grandkids.  Our birthdays and anniversaries are marked with our photos to help him keep all the dates straight, our family sure has grown!

And for those of you who were trying to see how big my belly is getting....here is a much bigger side profile for you.....
Check back next week....Mike and I will find out if we're adding a little girl or boy to our big family this coming Monday!