Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I borrowed these pictures from my sister-in-law Kim's blog because I love them and had to share them with you!  Holden looks so grown up in this picture! 
This picture is an exact replica of some pictures we have of us 4 kids with my dad 25 - 30 years ago.  Of course, in those pictures my dad has a kid sitting on each foot too (and a LOT less gray hair).
My parents were out last weekend for my great-aunt Case's funeral.  Bert & Case have lived in Colorado for 50 plus years.  They were married 58 wonderful years.  Her death was sudden, she had suffered with a very sore hip for 6 months, when she finally went to the hospital they discovered a 10 cm tumor in her hip.  Her cancer was stage 4 and all over her body.  She lived two weeks on hospice, said her goodbyes and helped plan her own funeral.  It was great to see some extended family and really great to learn so much about my aunts historical life. 
Mike & I are headed to Indiana/Michigan Wednesday.  Can't wait to see the family especially all our nieces and our nephew Johnny.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Mike and I are truly blessed and we hope you have lots to be thankful for this year too! .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here it is.....

My First Belly Pic.....
12 Weeks
I know most newly pregnant women try to push their belly out to emphasize their bump, but look at my face, doesn't it look like I'm trying to suck it in?  Well, there's no sucking that in! After a very positive ultrasound and doctors appointment on Monday, I felt confident enough to announce our new arrival to work yesterday.  I wore this shirt which emphasizes the bump and taped a clipart picture of a baby to my belly.  Several residents caught on right away, some said they thought so but didn't want to ask and others just asked me for more coffee!  Already yesterday, I had two women tell me not to take the stairs, one told me to slow down when I was walking and the best "advice" I got yesterday was from a lady who truly believes I shouldn't drive a car.  She seriously suggested Mike take me to and from work.  With advice like this from so many helpful "grandmas" the next 28 weeks are going to be really fun! 

Our next ultrasound is Monday, December 13th - that's when we'll find out what we're having!  In the meantime, we encourage you to vote in our baby poll at the top left hand side of our blog.  So far the majority is predicting another boy.  A little boy would cut down on our shopping since we already were preparing for two....but I sure would love a little girl.

On a side note.....I have to mention this was my most successful summer of gardening ever!  Or should I say fall???  I took this picture Monday...
Every September since Casey and I planted my first garden 7 years ago, I have spent one cold night in September, with a headlamp on, trying to save my veggies before the 1st frost got them.  Well, believe it or not Denver hasn't had a frost yet this year.  (Now that I said that, we'll be expecting a blizzard next week!)  I was prepared to go out on Sunday afternoon and cut everything down, but Mike encouraged me to wait till Monday, so I could say "Look what I picked from my garden on November 1st!"