Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long Overdue Post

I am the world's worst blogger!  I assure you it's because Mike and I are too busy living life to blog about it!  While camping season has come to a close for most, we're looking forward to the fall and having the mountains to ourselves :)  There's nothing better than waking up to a blanket of snow.  We take our coffee (and my tea!) with us for our morning hike and my lungs feel so alive and fresh!  Mike's mom, Mary Kay is coming out to see us this week and we're taking her camping over the weekend.  We're going to Meadow Creek Reservoir (past Winter Park), it' one of our favorite spots and its the best place for moose viewing!  We've had a such a good moose viewing season this summer and we're hoping to share our good luck with Mary Kay.  I'll post pics of her visit and the beautiful fall colors next week! 
But for now, I want to recap on a few events: 

Mary's Visit!
Our friend Mary came to see us from Austin.  In between jobs, Mary had some time off this summer so she and her adorable boxer Klio took a road trip out to see us.  Most of you remember Mary from our wedding.  She knew the fewest amount of people at the wedding, yet she won everyone over.  She's always up for a good time and Mike and I were so excited to have her come out. 

 Mike enjoyed lots of time fishing this summer.  We even took trout home for dinner a couple of times.  I love watchng him put on his waiters, fishing is very serious business, a few times he woke up early to fish and let me sleep in - till 7 AM!

Our puppies! 
No we didn't get a 3rd dog!  That adorable pup is Oliver, Casey & Robs dog.  He may be small but he works hard to keep up with the big dogs!  We've noticed quite a change in Hope this summer, while she still loves to get out-n-about we don't take her on our long hikes anymore.  At home she's having a lot of trouble getting comfortable,we listen to her "flop" on the hardwood floors all night. And sometimes, getting up is really hard for her :( She is 11 and a 1/2 now so I guess it's to be expected. 
 And now for our Moose......

Look closely, that's a moose between me and Casey's heads!  We were hiking at Meadow Creek Reservoir, and Casey commented she'd never seen a moose.  I knew just how she felt because that was my chief complaint last summer if you remember!  So I promised her we'd see one and sure enough we rounded a corner and there was a BIG moose right on the trail.  This picture is a little better:
So, like I said I'll bore you with some more pictures of our beautiful state next weekend!