Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living week to week...

Let me begin by apologizing for being one of the worst bloggers on the planet!  When I began this blog idea, I was newly pregnant and naive.  I assumed it would be the most magical, wonderful experience of my life.  Don't get me wrong it is!  But Mike and I have learned over the past 8 weeks that pregnancy can be anxiety ridden and having twins makes it even more so!  As you know, we've been seeing a specialist (ok a few specialists!) for the past few weeks.  Baby A is much smaller and seems to have "absent diastolic pressure", meaning he has poor blood flow where his cord attaches to his belly button.  The overall consensus is, as long as both babies have full stomachs and full bladders, as long as we see growth, any growth every 2 weeks when they take measurements and as long as both babies have good fluid volume in their sacs, we "buy ourselves another week". 

Today was my 25 week check-up.  My time flies!  When we began our specialist chronicles at 17 weeks I was praying just to make it to 28 weeks.  Is it greedy for me to be praying for 37 now!?!?  At some point in the next few visits there's a good chance I will be hospitalized.  Not for the much anticipated and dreaded reason of bedrest but so the doctors can run Doppler (blood pressure) screenings on Baby A a few times a day.  Should he show signs of distress or god-forbid his heart rate drop we'd have to deliver both babies.  But for now their best bet is to keep living in their cushy little home in my belly! 

Let's talk about my belly!  My is it getting big!  But not too big I'm glad to report.  I'm measuring 28 weeks (only 3 weeks ahead of most singleton pregnancies and most women carrying twins measure 4-6 weeks ahead).  I've gained 24 pounds now but according to my nurse practitioner that's on the low end of he scale so "eat up".  Easier said than done.  I'm so full of water, protein powder and babies that my stomach doesn't tell me I'm hungry....ever.  I just eat and eat! 

Now let's talk about my wonderful, hard-working husband.  Our kitchen remodel is more of a whole home remodel.  I should have known when I married a contractor no project would be small.  Between working all day and sometimes into the evening, going to the doctor once a week and worrying about the boys, we have very little time to commit to working on our house.  It will be so wonderful when it's finished but sometimes the mess gets to me.  The babies room is now complete and I love it!  Mike chose a jungle safari theme, inspired by his trip to Africa with his sister, Cathy,  a few years ago.  I had a good time shopping for ideas to match his theme and  the monkeys are my favorite! 

I have so much more to tell you!  I especially want to tell you about our trip to Michigan last weekend, but I'm too tired!  I promise to post more soon, especially pictures of our niece Layla who is almost a year now and our new nephew Johnny who is every bit as cute as his pictures!  But for now I must get some rest for these boys to get stronger!