Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Trimester = New Wardrobe!

Hooray!  We've entered the 2nd trimester - at least that's how the internet tells me I should feel.  To tell you the truth, I really like being pregnant.  I haven't had any morning sickness, nausea and very little fatigue.  My worst symptoms are occasional headaches, lower back pains and sleepless nights.  The internet also tells me right about now I should "finally" start to look pregnant - HA!  They are speaking to normal pregnant women in their 14th week.  I am far from normal.  My belly is clearly visible.  Monday morning I tried on three pairs of pants and none of them would zip, let alone button!  I broke out the belly band my incredibly wise baby sister bought me for Christmas.  And man, was I comfortable in it!  It made going to the bathroom a little bit of a challenge though - an act I participate in quite frequently these days. 
My friend Kelli from back east has been asking (maybe begging) me to send belly pics and so have a few others.  I know I'm growing two babies (each of whom are 3 and a 1/2 inches now - about the size of your balled up fist), but it's still really hard to "show off" your bulging belly!  But here goes, pic number 1 of my growing tummy...

Our friends have been asking Mike and I what we've done so far to prepare for Alpha and Beta's arrival.  We both just giggle and wonder what we should be doing this early?  I suppose everyone prepares differently, my husband chose to work himself to death.  Seriously, he's been working 6 and a 1/2 days a week for several weeks now.  He says the end is in sight but it sure doesn't feel like it.  I've gone to bed alone twice this week! Ever since Mike heard the word twins, he accepts every job offer that comes his way!  He can't keep it up forever but he has some short term goals and is very motivated!

One change we have made....we have introduced the dogs to new sleeping quarters.  They have had the run of the house, but not anymore!  Their beds have been moved to the back living room and we secure them down there with a baby gate.  I felt a little guilty at first, but I have enough trouble sleeping without having the pitter patter of their paws on the hardwoods waking us up every morning betweek 5 and 6 AM.  If we don't get out of bed they let us sleep until 6:30!  Then Droste wines or barks until we get the point.  We have been pleased to find they seem to love their new bedroom and even lay down there on their own...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seeing the babies for the 2nd time...

This past Monday was my 12 week checkup and I'm relieved to say the babies are doing just fine! Baby A (the lower one) is a little smaller and sitting very low - like it's lying in a hammock (Mike said that one takes after him). Baby B is a little bigger and moving quite a bit more probably because it has more room - but Baby B is a squirmer! (Mike said that one takes after me - go figure). Both have great heartbeats 164 and 161 beats per minute.

The ultrasound tech said they are very healthy and everything looks fine. She said it's too soon to determine the sex and so she didn't even give us a hint. She said we will know by next visit (March the 1st - I'll be 16 weeks). So we'll all have to wait until then. I've only gained a pound but I hear that's about to change dramatically!

My friend Amy suggested we come up with fun mock names for the babies (as opposed to Baby A and Baby B!)  She requested Superhero names but we couldn't come up with any superheroes with gender - nuetral names?  So I asked around and my creative parents with time on their hands (they're vacationing in sunny Florida right now) came up with perfect fake names!  I'm now referring to Baby A - as Alpha and Baby B as Beta.  I've been testing the name out on the residents all morning and they're hooked.  It's so funny to have people talking to my belly and asking How Alpha and Beta are doing today!